Shipmates First Day At The Farm

We get so excited about giving Shipmate his “first”. Today we took him for his first day at a farm to all the animals we have been making the noises of in his bedtime story books!

After a dodgy start with it pouring down, hiding in the cafe and him falling asleep before it stopped, we finally got out on the trail. He woke up within a few minutes (must have been the farmyard smells!!) and his eyes were darting all over the place taking it all in.



Special favourites seemed to be the goats even though their bleating kept making him jump which he thought was very funny.



Daddy had playtime too!


Couldnt resist getting a photo of this!


I loved watching these to bonding over their wanders, daddy chatting to Shipmate about all they could see. This picture will be staying on my phone!.


He was also fascinated by the hand washing basins (easily pleased!)

It was lovely having a family day out in the countryside. Hubby and I had a few giggles between us on the way and came home refreshed. It gave us a chance to try out the Cosatto pushchair on rougher terrain (there’s no paths, just lots of lovely green field). I was impressed and surprised when Shipmate fell asleep in there (he wo’nt sleep in a pushchair normally). I thinks its as its a bit more padded than his last one so he feels more secure and cosy.


The only downer was Shipmate was so overtired on return (he is at a stage where he doesnt want to sleep and miss out on anyting so wakes up after ten minutes) that I ended up taking him for a drive again just to help him get off to sleep. But boy is that kid cute sleeping!


We didnt put the muslin over his face. He pulls it over when he’s sleepy to make it dark!


Here is to more “firsts” as a family over the years :)




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